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Domestic Helper Services

It's a pleasant moment when we found someone special who works excellent in helping our daily works. They are our Domestic Helper.

Baby Sitter/ Elderly, Cook and general housework

We continuously screen, conduct training, motivating candidates to embed their skills and success orientated.

At the moment we have legitimating our selves to supply Indonesian housemaid to : Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. For Recruitment Agency Accredited on Indonesian Embassy or Consulate on the listed country above, we are waiting you to become our partner on supplying maid to your beloved country. For your Biodata requirement, just contact us by sending an email.

Housemaid Driver / Gardener
Salary: B$ 290 - 350 /- month Minimum salary: US$ 350
Salary: HK$ 3580/- month
Salary: RM 700 /- month
Salary: S$450/- month
Salary: NT15.840/- month

last update: Feb 5, 2013

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